PrawnTech3D is my hobby, and a way to attract attention to a problem that we need to address - plastics.

So why, of all things, am I printing what are obviously plastic items? It seems to be a bit contradictory, doesn't it?

For years I've been trying to find a way to make small-scale local plastic recycling projects. Recycling plastics can be done cleanly, simply, inexpensively, and the end product(s) are useful repurposings of what otherwise woulod have ended up in landfill. I use PLA plastic mainly and it's environmentally friendly and very recyclable. And I can make small parts to make the machines I use for recycling plastic waste. The aim later is to also make machines and equipment to recycle thin metals, cardboard and paper, cloth and fibres, and perhaps one day even recover e-waste. It all helps. YOU can help.

Watch these two videos if you watch nothing else!

DW on Recycling Shortcomings | Approach we could take RIGHT NOW

Also maybe go here and get involved!


Visit Precious Plastics on the web!

That banner link above is important. The people at One Army have for years coordinated projects that save the environment, bring about change, and improve lives.

Going to that site and supporting them - with donations, assistance, or even starting your own local project - could be the single best thing you've ever experienced.

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Other Resources

Do you have a 3D printer? I know a Discord server where we can chat, and several great Youtube channels for all the start-up information you might need and more. There are quite a few websites that have literally thousands of 3D models that can be yours for free. 

Also find "links" at the top of this page.

That Recycle Thing. . .

I'm now up and started with a Precious Plastic Community point and there's a page for the volunteers to chat, and of course also all the RCX pages

Check Out Our Shop!

We have several places where you can download stuff, buy stuff, or order stuff. 

PTEC3D Shop - It's locally generated so no third party middlemen involved. Deal with me directly.

I also have PrawnTech Etsy - but I haven't really done much with that and don't intend to - unless people prefer it.

CHat on Discord

This new technology that's going to change a lot of things.

You'll soon be able to order any part or design from a local small scale manufacturer. You may even be able to buy an appliance much as you currently buy a microwave, type in what you need, and have it printed / manufactured inside the device in as little as a few minutes. The Star Trek "Replicator" isn't far off!

We provide information at the hobbyist level so that you can try this technology for yourself. Or custom print a part for you in a range of materials and mail it to you.


Email Me Today - Chat to me on Discord - See if I'm on Zoom