Going Full Metal Beggar Bunny Here

I'm a CitSci, a Citizen Scientist. I have no formal qualifications (but then neither did most people of science up
until fairly recently, and yet their works are still the foundations that much of modern science is built upon) but
a lot of knowledge and (I say, not immodestly) an IQ high enough that I can apply the things I learn, and use them.

One thing I'm not good at and have never been good at, is asking for help. I'm a lousy collaborator or coordinator because of it, and if I had some time I'd probably take the time to learn collab. But therein lies the rub for me, it takes time and effort and I'm spreading myself thin already as it is. I'm also a disability pensioner and thusly on the bones of my arse. I'm not going to starve, miss out on minor medical treatment, or go homeless - at this stage in the Australian government's inhuman treatment of pensioners and the people its policies have made unemployed - but I can't put money into things others might find trivial such as replacing my laptop which is currently on life support and really slowing me down. 

So - pride aside - I'm going to ask:

ANY kind of assistance will be helpful, and I promise it'll always be used to enable my work on here and the other places I provide input and assistance at. This includes straight-out monetary donations, but also equipment, parts, materials, information on grants I may be eligible for, other rganisations that might offer me support and assistance to do some tasks for them (as long as they're related to what I'm doing and will not hinder that

Things I'm working on (in broad brushstrokes) are: Appropriate and relevant recycling of all sorts and under all sorts of conditions; Mitigating and ameloriating environment damage; New paradigms in the preceding, and in energy usage and water usage/saving; And finally, many technical problems that these other matters require. On top of that I'm trying (as at 27/09/2021 12:09AEDT) to establish a One Army / Precious Plastic local community recycling facility at which a start can be made on all those issues.

I've begun to call the facility the 'Precious Plastic Community Hub CRX Wonthaggi' as I hope there'll be a 'One Army Projekt Hub CRX Wonthaggi' quite soon (if not perhaps even simultaneous with and definitely affiliated with) the Community Hub. With the right sort of help here, we could have both facilities in one location, with space for 1A/PP people from all over the world to come and contribute. 


Okay - now for how you can help with what I really hope will be a groundbreaking facility even by 1A/PP standards:

You can donate to me directly via Paypal. I already use my Paypal account exclusivley to buy tools, equipment, and materials for my work, but it rarely gets above $20 for long so having a bit of reserve there - any amount of reserve - would be excellent, and an advance on the current state of affairs where some things get held up for more than six months because I just can't afford to get stuff as simple as a new soldering station. (And I'm not even kidding - four years ago I got tired of $20 'soldering irons' that died after a few weeks' use, didn't get to temperature or went wildly over; And my good old reliable Weller soldering station - that I'd had by then for over forty years since my 21st birthday - was still being shipped over here and besides, just getting Weller iron tips was a $20 apiece affair - if you could get them so I decided on a cheapish new soldering station. It took me three months to have enough in Paypal to buy it, and then Australia Post sent that package to some islands I'd never heard of, and the postal service there sent it straight back to the company, and then finally I got it three months after ordering it.

I do online surveys and small web tasks occasionally to buy the things I need, and anyone that's ever done those things will tell you that it's a mug's game and pays peanuts - if you even get paid from some places. And worst of all it means I either do that for three days to put another $20 on the account, or else I go without. This really really sucks. So yeah - if you can, please hit me up. It's always appreciated.

The same thing happens when you go to ko-fi.com where you can even set up a small monthly donation in return for membership and a few extras. (To be extremely honest, I've also got one in the same name on BuyMeACoffee but they're a bit of a surprise package let me tell you, I bought someone else a coffee there once and they said they'd take $3.00 but instead they tacked on almost a 15% fee so it ended up $3.39 - Ko-Fi don't sneak fees in to surprise my supporters.) One of these days I'll set up memberships on Youtube as well, but for now it's just a place to put the odd video or three. I thought about Patreon but it has so many bylaws and byways (and ultimately it's nothing more than a glorified Ko-Fi or BMAC anyway) that I'll only do it if anyone contacts me and asks me to set it up. But I'm happy to do so if you ask.

Information For Anyone Wanting To Know More:

About me:

This is as close to a bio as I'm ever going to get. . .

My family arrived in Australia in September 1965, fomr Vienna, Austria. But like things in my life generally go, it was by the long way around. My father left Vienna in 1960 and went to Bahrain island in the Persian Gulf, to start a Dairy Farm for the King of Bahrain, Sheik Isa bin Salamn al Khalifa. No less for us. My mother and O followed in 1961, and I learned four new languages (English, Arabic, French, and Latin) in my first two years of school, at a very good school that believed in making excellent people out of normal children.

We then spent a year in transit around India, then arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia where the family slowly drifted northwards, then back south again to Perth and surrounds, but before the southward diaspora I took time (at age 15) to undertake some travel overseas and work in electronics, then return home and work my way back WA. My father re-skilled five times in his life, I've done the same but I think I may have pipped him by a few extra skillsets. . . 

My interests have always been science, I decided that I was going to be a vet or a scientist bvy age five and I've stuck to both those directions. And for the last thirty years I've been extremely interested in what to do about the direction allour interactions with the planet seem to have gone, i.e. the planet gives up resources, we take them, transaction ends. This planet now needs us more than we know. So where everyone is just starting to think about recycling plastics, I've thought about how to recycle everything you might find in landfill or languishing in huge warehouses along with even more examples of our profligate WASTE of what we took. Where the catch-cry is "recycle repurpose re-use" mine is already "replace repair replenish."

Not to brrag but these things are IMPORTANT right about now, and should have already been started thirty years ago when I first started my journey.

The RCX Recycling / Projekt Kamp Things:

Precious Plastic are one of the most energetic potent forces for good that I've ever come across. They've ignited education, interest, and enthusiam for recycling all around the globe. They need more exposure, more people to become aware of them and watch just a video or two. One Army is fast becoming a multi-armed power for not just recycling plastics but also for finding more sustainable alternatives to many other facets of living, and as such anything I can do to spread the 1A / PP ethos and visibility around, I'll do my best to do.

So originally all I was aiming for was to become a Member, but there's such a lot to do that it would be easier to become a Point or a Hub, because they straight away make a difference locally, and eventually, also nationally and globally. So I decided the best way would be to start just collecting waste plastic locally and shipping it to our nearest Hub. As soon as I did, logistics reared its ugly head - aside from having to find something to put out as collection points, (fairly easy BTW) one has to also collect the plastics regularly, then sort and store them. As I mentioned, I'm a pensioner. Just the fuel costs (never mind the pollution created by doing a few dozen extra kilometres a week in this case) were prohibitive.

The processing is easy - remove contaminants (labels, glue, sand and food) from the plastics and sort them properly into their specific types, that's easy too. But then you have to store it until ready to move it on. We live in a normal house, on a half block, and the garden space is needed for relaxation, for vegetable, and as an enclosed recreation area for our pets. (No cat running wild up and down ourt street and eating local bird and mammal life, no frantically barking dog out doing his doings on other people's lawns and digging up their prize petunias, we make sure we manage what we like and have.)

One week's collection would fill our tiny yard if left uncompacted. Compacting manually is a job for strong able-bodied people, not a couple both around retinrement age and with disabilites. Unless we had one of those gosh golly gee whizz willya lookitthat? plastic shredders that PreshPlast have the plans for on their site but would cost around $2000AUD to build ourselves, or (as it would have to be in our case) even more to have it manufactured. And then the plastics would STILL have to be stored in their compacted form for a month at a time. Also, "cats & powerful shredder" or "dog & bags of shredded plastic" but have just one corollary, being "sadness & disaster"... 

So I faced it, before I collect one more piece of plastic (and be sent to live in the doghuse we don't have) it would need a place to do this. Thinking ahead to a shredder and quite possibly an extruder and later few presses and then space to store produced items to display for people to see and order from, I realised the smallest space that would be suitable would be a 6m (20ft) cargo container.

They're a dime a dozen (especially in these times when shipping's locked down so much by COVID) but it's a dime I don't have in my pocket to spend, and to place that container somewhere that has water and electricity and a waste water drain isd just right out of my reach. Yet the local Shire would no doubt have half a dozen spots to place such a container, and probably even a few factory units that haven't been used since the coal mine closed or something. Containers are IDEAL though for a number of reasons:

  • If  you run out of space, you just ask the local transport people nicely if they could donate an uplift/setdown to the project, and ask them if they'd also site the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc new containers for cheap or free.
  • If you find that the first container has become pretty much a plastic shredding, cleaning, and storage container; A second container can become the sheet press facility; Another becomes the extruding facility, another the bioplastics and specialties; Or it can become a sleeping dorm / kitchen (as long as it's permitted under local laws of course) for visiting people or anyone pulling a late night job and too tired to go home that night. 
  • And did I mention that they can be moved?
  • Oh yes, and one more thing that containers are good for: You can build up a second plastic collection/shredding/washing facility in a spare container and then ship the whole thing to another community that wants to start recycling. They can either purchase it outright, or just become a subsidiary Hub to feed raw materials to us here until they pay it off. (And of course that also goes for a manufacturing container, or a shop container, and so forth.)

The "X" part of RCX - the really out there projects: