As there are a lot of links, I'll split them into several pages. This'll allow you to find that which ye seek with consummate ease, as it were. So take a look and pick your path. (Also, of course, just pick a page at random and follow the rabbit hole clickholes down down down...)

As the relevant pages come online (READ: When I get a moment to curate pages and pages of links) the text will turn into links. I'm taking YOU with me on this journey of marathon website building.... : )

  • 3D Printer related links. This page has links to many sites with helpful information for people beginning with a new printer, who've had their prinbter for several months but are now having tricky issues, and old hands looking for fun links and things to try.
  • Opportunities CRX. Note that this doesn't mean jobs, but opportunities to get involved, things that may set you on the path to other opportunities, or help you start projects similar to CRX. (Note that this page is also referred to as the Contacts page.)
  • Links related to PrawnTech3D. I have some material out there relating to this site, printing, the RCX recycling project, etc.
  • More to come!