PrawnTech3D Lives Here!

Contacts & Opportunities

This is that page. Where you find my contact details, things that are happening, things to get involved in.

First, my contact details: 

Site, Tech Support, Mfg & Eng: +61 0491 075 808 will get my attention. The email I'll reply slowly but surely, the mobile number, it's hit and miss because I'm not in the habit of carrying two phones on me.

ZOOM: I have a basic account but am happy to hold small online meetings for whatever reasons. Contact me please if you'd like to chat.

DISCORD: I keep both a teddlesruss and a pt3d presence going in the Discord server, once you've created an account there you can just jump straight in - and also take a browse around other Discord servers on a whole range of topics. 

Other contact details:

Sales & Orders: one day, one day - for now, see above

Accounts: one day, one day - for now, see above

HR/staff: one day, one day - for now, see above

Departments: one day, one day - for now, see above


Currently looking for

  • People who'd like to donate some time to the website(s)  for appearance, UX, SEO, integrating database for Production / Sales / Web.
  • People who have experience with video production, writing, management, etc to donate some time.
  • People interested in the RCX aspects and want to be in on development, directions, design work, hands-on building and testing RCX systems.
  • Anyone that can manage online discussions and maybe manage Discord and any other communities we may spin off online and off.

All need to contact me for the moment but hopefully eventually there'll be people to take some of the load off me. All are volunteer positions but they hold an opportunity to be in on what may make large impacts on recycling, life post AI/automation, and (gawd this sounds so cinematic and cliche) a chance to actually change the world. 

If you have any ideas - please contact me. Notice anything glaringly obvious to you but that I've missed? Contact me. I'm willing to listen and evaluate, and hopefully soon there'll be dozens of people to contact. That's up to you now!


  • I have a few items going to Kongwak Market here in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. It's at Scullery 5 there, and is really only to spread the word about RCX and garner some public responses.
  • I'd love to hear from you if you wanted to get involved - the more of us are doing things the faster this will gather momentum and get us doing things. 
  • Thank you for reading my posts here, I hope they've inspired you to get involved or donate or just even change your recycling habits and methods.